Why not visit Detroit?

Detroit has certainly taking a beating in the travel world mainly because of it’s high unemployment and the auto industry taking a dive but there are some very interesting places to visit there. There are some areas of Detroit that have undergone a major facelift and would certainly be worth the visit.

Some of the great places to visit in Detroit are the GM casino, Detroit Zoo, Indian Village which is a highly affluent area with beautiful houses along the Detroit river, and Greektown. The addition of the casinos has forced the city to clean up that and the surrounding areas to make it appealing to locals as well as vacationers. Greektown if a section of town obviously influenced by the greek culture which offers some great shopping and even better dining. One of the most popular restaurants in Greektown is Pizza Papalis, which is widely known for it’s seafood pizza. Another excellent restaurant in Greektown is Pegasus.

For the sports enthusiast there is the new Ford field. They spent millions of dollars in the renovation of this sports arena and this has brought people to the area for a great game and to visit some of Detroit. Detroit also has some very popular subdivisions like Birmingham and Grosse Pointe, both of these are well to do areas with super shopping arenas, excellent dining and gorgeous houses all located along lakes and rivers.

There are many museums in Detroit that are quite outstanding as well including the Detroit Institute of Art, The museum of African American History, Greenfield Village which was founded by the Ford family, and The Detroit Children’s museum. For the sophisticated couple there is the Bleu Room for some intimate drinks, elegant decor and great dance music. The travel guide will also offer more things to do in the Detroit area.

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